Portable Air Purifier for home

Portable Air Purifiers

MAC500 Air Purifier

Mobile Air Cleaners

The MAC500 is a small air purifier was specially designed to purify the air in your home. It decreases viruses, mold, and bacteria through the environmentally friendly process, photolytic oxidation. 

The MAC500 is mostly used in houses, cars and boats.

Compact Air Cleaner

Compact Cleaners

These compact air cleaners sanitize rooms for mold, bacteria and viruses, eliminating odors and mold up to 99%, without the use of chemicals.

The OZ1000T model has a timer installed, so once treatment is finished, it will turn off by itself.​


Industrial Solutions

Due to increasingly higher hygiene demands in the food processing industry (and others), the use of UV-C light to eliminate microorganisms like bacteria, mold and viruses, is in high demand. The FLO-D Mini was designed for professional use as it's proven to be effective in plants, hospitals, stores and offices.


STOP COVID-19 from spreading

By using Jimco's UV-C technology you can effectively reduce the coronavirus infection rate.

Prior to the “stay at home order” my wife and I typically traveled several times a month and did not bring our MAC500 with us. We always noticed that our sinuses and nasal passages without the MAC500 were stuffy in the morning. Now that we have been stuck in the same place for over a month, sleeping every night with the MAC500, we wake up every morning with clear breathing and open sinuses.

Steve, 72

We are using the ozone machine everywhere in our facilities – bathrooms, breakrooms, offices, etc. It’s a life-saver, really. We bought a small ozone generator to disinfect paperwork. We are using a small closet area and all paperwork from the production floor and shipping office goes into it before distributing to accounting

Kerry, Food Processor, Environmental Director

I suffer from COPD, so I bought MAC500 to give it a try. I immediately noticed improvement in my breathing and daily walks became easier. As a bonus, I was delighted to note that the mold on my shower curtain disappeared.”

Susan, 90

Since my team is in charge of Quality Assurance, we love this product in our production plant, because for the first time in history we can show our customers that their products are produced in a microorganism-free environment.

Mark, QA Manager, Food production Plant

I’ve had chronic asthma most of my life was able to give up my inhaler for the first time ever since using the MAC500. I also had a rash on my arm that doctors had tried to treat for over five years with no success. This rash went away in less than 10 days after I started using the MAC500. An interesting confirmation happened when the lamp needed replacement and I needed to find my inhaler immediately. The rash also came back within three days of the lamp failure. Once the new lamp arrived, I once again put away my inhaler and the rash disappeared.

Judy, 85

We bought the OZ1000 and have been using it for mold remediation when remodeling, especially when there has been water damage. Very happy with the results.

Kitchen and Bath Supplier

I had a persistent cough and a spot on my lung and was treated by a pulmonary specialist (with no success) for 30 months. After using the MAC500 for several weeks, the cough went away and x-ray showed the spot was gone.

John, 79

We use a 20-foot container and place our slicing machines in the container with the FLO-D Mini in the early morning hours. Extremely satisfied they are killing every microbe!

Plant Manager, Food Processing

After less than two hours there was no longer any bad odor, despite having 12 smokers use the room. Based on this I give the MAC500 my greatest recommendation.

School using MAC500