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JIMCO Flo-D Mini
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JIMCO Flo-D Mini

FLO-D Mini

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Due to increasingly higher hygiene demands in the food processing industry (and others), the use of UV-C light to eliminate microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses, is in high demand.

Jimco's FLO-D Mini was designed for professional use as it's proven to be effective in plants, hospitals, stores and offices. Using UV-C light to eliminate microorganisms in the air is a technique that has been known for decades. UV-C light reduces the total amount of microorganisms in the room by breaking the DNA bonds in the organisms. A minor contamination with microbiology may result in a faulty commodity – in consequence, it can be expensive for the company. To avoid this, a steadily increasing number of companies have been choosing to sterilize/disinfect the process air with UV-C light. Depending on the calculated UV-C dosage, a kill rate of 99.9% of all microorganisms may be achieved.

Together with the PLC-control and special UV-C sensors developed by JIMCO A/S, we ensure that the UV-C light is 100% effective.​


Why choose Jimco disinfection technology?

  • Avoid time-consuming manual disinfection with water and chemicals
  • Save water by the tons as well as energy for heating and drying
  • Disinfect more efficiently in corners, chinks and ventilation ducts, cooling coils and surfaces
  • Avoid strong chemicals, which have an impact on the environment and work environment
  • Avoid an environmentally harmful release of chlorinated waste-water